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Picture Hangers

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OOK® Concrete/Brick Hangers

Concrete & Brick Hangers

OOK® Concrete & Brick Picture Hangers are perfect for use on all hardwall and brick surfaces. Our Concrete & Brick hangers are designed with the same engineering elements as our Classic Professional Hangers. Each one uses our OOK® Bendless Nails that are engineered to go into any hardwall surface without bending. These are the perfect hangers for use on all types of hardwall surfaces.
OOK® Conventional Brass Hangers

Conventional Picture Hangers

Special Features: The OOK® Conventional Picture Hangers come in either zinc or brass plating.

Benefits: These picture hangers are the "Original" traditional picture hooks and offer the most economical option for all wall hangings. Good for lightweight, simple jobs.
OOK® Conventional Antique Brass Push Pin Hangers

Decorative Hangers

OOKs decorative hangers are a fast and simple way to prepare your home. They require no tools, eliminating hammers, nails, and damaged walls. Simply remove the cover on the adhesive backing when necessary, and push the hook into the drywall until it sits flat and flushed to the wall.

They come in a variety of stylish designs, and finishes. Some decorative push pin hangers even hold up to 40lbs!
OOK® 200 lb. Hangers

HeavyHold® Drywall Hangers

HeavyHold® Drywall Hangers hold up to 200 pounds per hanger and work directly into your drywall.
OOK® Shield 160 can hold up to 300 pounds!
OOK® Tremor Hanger

Kidsafe and Tremor Picture Hangers

Children Safety: The OOK® Kid Safe Security Hangers are ideal for picture hanging in high traffic areas or in children's rooms.

Kits & Value Boxes

You can get OOK® product in value packs! Great way to re-decorate or buy large quantities of your favorite OOK® hanger at an economical price!
75 pound Padded Professional Picture Hanger

Professional Hanging Line

Behind every great work of art is ONE thing! OOK®

Blue Steel Nails leave pin size hole on wall surface and are re-usable.

Center of Gravity Channel Guides: Forces the nails into the wall at the perfect angle eliminating "play". Weight ratings are based on hangers nailed into studs and are for comparative purposes only. Choose a weight rating that greatly exceeds the object to be hung.

Ideal for Plaster and Drywall wall surfaces.
OOK® ReadyScrew D Ring Hangers


The latest in hands-free nailing.
Easy positioning with no holding or fussing with nails - just position hanger on wall surface or back of frame and tap in nails.
ReadyNail Sawtooth Hangers & ReadyScrew D Ring Hangers work on wooden frames only.
Holds up frames that weigh approximately 25 lbs.
OOK® Shield Pro Hangers

Shield Pro Hangers

10 lb. ReadyNail Conventional Hook Tidy Tin

Tidy Tins

Great for tool boxes or kitchen drawers. Keep your picture hangers tidy and in one place. Re-usable tin.